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Salomon Nshimiyimana is the Director of Students Welfare. Mr. Salomon has been at the University of Rwanda-College of Business and Economics (UR-CBE) since 2012 where he was serving as Executive Assistant to the Principal prior to his appointment as Director of Students Welfare in November 2017. In addition to his current role, Mr. Salomon is a Consultant, visiting Lecturer and Researcher at the same institution. Prior to joining UR-CBE Mr. Salomon worked as Instructor in high schools, Freelancer Interpreter/Translator for several Non-Government Organizations. Mr. Salomon has received his Master’s degree of Public Administration in 2013 at the Mount Kenya University and holds a BA in English from the former National University of Rwanda.

Personal statement: Enthusiastic Administrator and young Researcher unreservedly striving to utilize my versatile talents, analytical skills and knowledge in resolving development challenges affecting my country and surrounding communities.

My eventual career goal is to assume responsibilities for innovative ideas and implementation of all possible strategies for quicker service delivery and actively contribute to the overall success of the institution I work for.

Areas of research interest:

  • Public administration
  • Welfare of communities
  • Research
  • Non-government organizations
  • Service delivery
  • Sustainable Development


1. Student Satisfaction: The Case of Higher Learning Institutions retrievable at

2. Globalization and its Effects on Rwandan Culture

3. Threats and Opportunities of Globalization on Rwandan Tourism Industry, (Presented at ICABUMPA iN4iN Conference hosted by MKU, Nairobi October 2015 www/http:/