Leonidas Banamwana

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Leonidas Banamwana is an Assistant Lecturer and Acting Head of Department of Applied Statistics at the University of Rwanda, College of Business and Economics. Heholds  a MSc. Statistics and Bachelor in Applied Statistics.

Leonidas Banamwana has over 9 years experience of teaching in higher learning Institutions. During this period Mr. Banamwana has made significant contributions to research, and teaching of undergraduate programmes. In addition, his current activities at University of Rwanda include supervision of undergraduate research projects. Mr. Banamwana also provides consultancy services to diversified clients including public and private institutions, and nongovernmental Organizations.

His research interest focuses on Sample Surveys, Statistical Methods, Biostatistics, Policy Analysis, Population and Health, and higher education.

He is interested in the analysis of big data and Surveys data in order to provide the evidence required for efficient policy and decision making.

Areas of research

  • Sample Surveys
  • Statistical Methods
  • Data Modeling
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health


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  1. Niwemahoro C, Musabanganji E, Banamwana L. (2011) Fertility Preferences and level of family planning in Rwanda. Case of Huye District. Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences (JETEMS) 2 (3): 168-174. Scholarlink Research Institute Journals, 2011 (ISSN: 2141-7024)


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Assistant Lecturer