The induction week started on November 5, 2018. Rusizi campus staff and Guild Council at Rusizi campus welcomed fresh comers. New students started by registering themselves at arrival as shown in the picture below:

The integration process went on by interacting with the continuing students sharing the university experience with new students.

There was formation of ‘’AMASIBO’’ during the induction week. The student’s affairs officer and the Community Engagement officer held talks with the new students on some rules and regulations of the University of Rwanda, code of conduct and functioning of Medical Insurance Scheme of UR. They advised the students that to abide by the rules of the University is key in performing well academically which is their primary mission.

During the induction week different public talk were organized to help the new students to a better understanding of the university environment and the country at large.

On Wednesday November 7, 2018, the Principal of CBE, Dr. Gasheja Faustin addressing new students at Rusizi campus during the induction week.

The Principal advised the new students emphasizing on three things: positive thoughts, to set target (vision) and also to have discipline. He told them that positive thinking is key to success, ‘’when you think positively everything in life is going to be positive’’, targets help to be focused, then without discipline nothing can be achieved.He ended his remarks by wishing them success in their future academic life.

Students had also a public talk on’’ Reproductive Health and unwanted pregnancy’’, the talk was presented to the students by the representative of the Director General of Gihundwe Hospital Mme Clementine NYIRANZABAHIMANA, she provided them with advices which will help students especially girls to have a brighter future, by avoiding bad behaviors which which can lead them into unwanted pregnancies.

On day four of the induction week, The District Police Commander CP. Athanase RUGANINTWARI addressed the new students on ‘’Fight against Drugs abuse among Rwandan Youth’’.

He pointed out that drugs are a scourge in our country especially in youth. He insisted on the misdeeds of drugs on youth by giving them some concrete examples of youth affected by drugs abuse.

On the final day of the induction week, students had talks with representative of BRD (Development Bank of Rwanda), Mr Eloi NSANZABAGANWA.

The discussions focused mainly on bursary related issues. The students raised the issue of uploading documents on the BRD website, they reported that before coming to the campus, they tried to upload the documents on the website but in vain because the website was not functioning. Many questions questions related to students loan were asked by students and BRD representative promised to solve all problems related to documents uploading and other issues in collaboration with Guild Councils in UR Campuses.

BRD representative addressing UR-Rusizi campus students