On January 23, 2019, Students and staff of Rusizi campus together with Rusizi District officials gathered to witness the swearing in ceremony of the newly elected Guild Council at UR-Rusizi campus.

The newly elected Guild Council at UR-Rusizi campus

This ceremony was honored by the presence of the Vice Mayor in charge of social affairs of Rusizi District Mr. Emmanuel NSIGAYE, representing the Mayor, in attendance also was Captain Innocent RUGENERANDEKWE representing the Rwanda Defence Force, the representative of Rwanda National Police and the representative of Guhundwe Sector. The swearing in ceremony was coordinated by Mugisha Fred, URSU arbitration committee president and Guild Council President of Gikondo Campus.

During the event, there was recognition of the outgoing Guild council for the work done during their time in office; certificates were awarded to outgoing Guild council in recognition of the work accomplished.

The newly elected president Mr. Francois MUNYENTWARI

The new elected Guild president Mr. Francois MUNYENTWARI in his speech promised to uphold the social welfare of the students by advocating for them in order make Rusizi campus an environment which is conducive for pursuing their studies. He also promised to work closely with the campus administration to solve challenges that can undermine the wellbeing of the students at the campus.

The Head of Rusizi Campus, Ms. Rehema UWAMAHORO

In her closing remarks, the Head of Rusizi campus, Ms Rehema UWAMAHORO congratulated the newly elected guild council committee and also thanked the outgoing committee on behalf of the Rusizi campus staff for the considerable work accomplished. She promised full support to the elected guild council.

She reminded them that they should remember that their primary mission at the campus is to study, which means that in whatever responsibilities they are entrusted in, they must make sure that academically they are performing at higher level.