Vision, Mission and core values

The Mission of University of Rwanda (UR) is to deliver quality education and develop innovative teaching and research meant to address the problems of the population, the students, the nation, the region and the world.

UR (By Law) shall, in detail, have the following main mission:

  • to design and offer high level courses for the award of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees in diverse disciplines of study including science and technology. UR may also offer short-term courses for an award of a certificate;
  • to provide a student with skills, technology and education which facilitates him/her in building confidence to create jobs and contribute to personal and the country’s development;
  • to facilitate the advancement of knowledge and its practical application through research and other means;
  • to participate in the discovery, transmission and preservation of knowledge and to stimulate the intellectual development and Rwandan culture;
  • to publish research findings through oral, written and any other means and to collaborate with other institutions in the dissemination of the findings to foster the development of the country;
  • to assist the population to solve other national development issues by means of the academic programmes;
  • to collaborate with other concerned organs as well as the private sector to ensure quality education in order to provide graduates who respond to the market needs;
  • to cooperate and collaborate with other national, regional and international higher institutions.