Jane Karuranga

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Jane Karuranga, MBA, CHRD (Certified Human Resource Director), FGAFM (Fellow of the Global Academy of Finance and Management, USA) at University of Rwanda, College of Business and Economics (CBE) and College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS). Jane has long, rich and valuable experience in Human Resource Management both in Rwanda and other countries.

Jane has practical understanding of organizational needs, people’s needs and HR issues and strongly supports compliance, diversity, equality and inclusion while also offering sensible solutions and does not compromise professional and personal values.

Jane holds Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA, HRM) and is a Certified Human Resource Director (CHRD) and a Fellow of the Global Academy of Finance and Management, USA (FGAFM).

E-mail: Dirhr.cbe@ur.ac.rw

Areas of Research Interest:              

  • Work Environment, Organization and Employee Performance                      
  • Impact of Capacity  Building on Employee Retention and Turnover