Bideri Ishuheri Nyamulinda

15 Jan 2020

Bideri Ishuheri Nyamulinda

Job Title/Academic rank :
Acting Director of Research and Innovation
School :
School of Business
Phone Number :
E-mail :
Biography :
An experienced professional educationist with a track record in course/ module development, teaching, assessment, theses supervision for postgraduate students ; research and consultancy ; complemented by strong leadership at both middle and senior levels. An experienced management consultant in areas of general management, marketing, customer care, market and marketing research, cooperative business management and tourism. A qualified trainer in hospitality recognized by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Second phone number : (+250)738407631

Areas of research : consumer behavior ; shopping behavior ; advertising ; market and marketing research ; entrepreneurship, services marketing.

Publications :

Musonera Etienne, Egide Gahima Karuranga, Bideri Ishuheri Nyamulinda (2014), “Institutions Fitness, Investment and Economic Growth in Rwanda”, The Journal of International Business Research and Practice, Vol 8, pp 117-133
Bideri Ishuheri Nyamulinda, Rose Baguma, Musonera Etienne (2011), A study on Marketing of Traditional Medicine in Rwanda. The Journal of International Business Research and Practice, Vol.5, U.S. Midwest Chapter of the Academy, 73-77 ; 978-0-985910-7-0
Bideri Ishuheri Nyamulinda, Musonera Etienne, Gahima Egide Karuranga (2011), “Investigating the level of opportunity to see (OTS), a case of advertisements on the light emitting diode (LED) video screens” ; Innovative Marketing, Vol.7, N0.2 (ISSN 1814-2427)
Musonera Etienne, Bideri Ishuheri Nyamulinda, Karuranga Egide (2010), “ FID fitness in Sub-saharan Africa : The case of Eastern African Community (EAC)”, The Journal of International Business Research and Practice, Vol.4, pp1-18.
Bideri, Ishuheri Nyamulinda, Ganesan P, Ms Mukazi Monica, (2010) “When customers prefer the opposite sex contact employee : The case of women hair salons in Kigali city”, Unlock Management, Research Journal in Management Sciences, Vol 1,Issue No 0795-8038 , pp22-32
Bideri, Ishuheri Nyamulinda, Ganesan P, Musonera Etienne, (2009) “Determinants of Rural Out-shopping in Developing Countries” ; Journal of International Business Research and Practice, Vol.3, pp51-63
Bideri Ishuheri Nyamulinda and Nyirakabanza Charlotte, (2006) “Marketing of banana wine in the Republic of Rwanda”, Journal of Indian Management Studies Vol.10, (1), pp39-50.
Other Activities :
Associate Professor


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