15 Jan 2020


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School of Business
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Human Resource Management
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Biography :
Award of PhD Degree in Entrepreneurship at Makerere University, Award of Masters of Commerce (Mcom) at University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa adn Bachelor’s degree in Management at the National University of Rwanda (NUR).

I have taught at the former National University of Rwanda and the University of Rwanda various modules such as Scientific Research Methodology, Entrepreneurship Development , Business Environment , Management function I, Business strategy and development, Business Research Methodology and Research Data Analysis.

Additional e-mail : eugbyukusenge@gmail.com

Additional phone number : (+250)725624549

Areas of research :

Entrepreneurship, Management of small and medium enterprises, Marketing and Human Resource Management.

Publications :

1. Byukusenge, E., Munene, J.C. & Orobia, L. (2016). Does Knowledge Management Lead to Innovation ? An Empirical Study on SMEs in Rwanda. International Journal of Management Science and Business Administration, 2(9), 7-19.

2. Byukusenge, E. & Munene, J.C. (2017). Knowledge management and business performance : Does innovation matter ? Cogent Business & Management Journal (Francis &Taylor Group), 4 : 1-18.

3. Byukusenge, E., Munene, J.C. & Orobia, L. (2017). Managerial competencies and business performance : innovation as a mediator in Rwandan SMEs. International Journal of Law and Management (Emerald Group), under review.

4. Byukusenge, E. (2009).Impact of Two-Factor Theory in explaining employee job satisfaction at SAPREF. Rwandan Journal Series B : Social Sciences.


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