Dr. François Niragire

16 Jan 2020

Dr. François Niragire

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School of Economics
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Applied Statistics
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François Niragire is Lecturer of applied statistics at the University of Rwanda, College of Business and Economics, Department of Applied statistics. He holds a PhD in Applied statistics, a MSc. in Social statistics and Bachelor of Science Education in Mathematics.

François Niragire has over 13 years experience of teaching in higher education. During this period Dr. Niragire has made significant contributions to research, and teaching of both postgraduate and undergraduate programmes. In addition, his current activities at University of Rwanda include supervision of both undergraduate and postgraduate research projects. Dr. Niragire also provides consultancy services to diversified clients including public and private institutions, and nongovernmental Organizations.

His research interest focuses on statistical methods, policy analysis, population and health, and higher education. François Niragire published research articles in Plos One, Geospatial health, Global Health Action and Rwanda Journal.

He is interested in the analysis of big data in order to provide the evidence required for efficient policy and decision making. Dr. Niragire strives for transforming data into useful information and believes that computer programming is key to the analysis of big data.

Areas of research

Methods of Applied statistics
Spatial modeling of health and social data
Child and maternal health
Economics of education


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