16 Jan 2020


Job Title/Academic rank :
Deputy Dean and Coordinator, Postgraduate Programs
School :
School of Economics
Phone Number :
E-mail :
Biography :
Dr. Ruhara Mulindabigwi Charles, Deputy Dean and Coordinator of Postgraduate Programs, holds a PhD Economics of the University of Nairobi, Master’s Degree of Commerce in Economics of the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (South Africa) and Bachelor’s Degree in Economics of the National University of Rwanda. His area of specialization is Health Economics. He teaches Economics and conducts research at the School of Economics, University of Rwanda. His teaching subjects include Health Economics, Microeconometrics, and Microeconomics. He has substantial experience in conducting research and analysis on different microeconomic issues ; economic consequences of diseases, health systems, health financing, labour market outcomes, household poverty, income determinants, Government policies ; social protection, access to finance, cooperative promotion, land reforms, health policies, and human development indicators. Dr. Charles has enough experience in analysing large datasets conducted at individual and or household levels and regional analysis : rural, urban and controlling for gender effect in different provinces and districts using STATA software. He has strong quantitative skills in Statistics and Econometrics both theoretical and practical. He has been working for several years on papers and draw key policy recommendations based on the results. He has been effectively working with a large network made of different stakeholders including government, public sector, NGOs, think tanks and development partners…). In addition, Dr. Charles is a very organized and responsible person who always takes initiatives, initiates innovations and does on time or before time what he has to.

Areas of research interest :

- Health Economics ; demand for health, health financing, economic consequences of diseases

- Poverty studies

- Labour markets

- Human Development

- Social protection policies

Publications :

Ruhara M. C. and U. Kioko (2017). Determinants of Demand for Outpatient Health care in Rwanda. In Almas Heshmati (Ed.), Studies of Economic Development and Growth in Selected African Countries. Chapter 3 in Springer Book Series, Frontiers of African Business Research. Singapore : Springer
Ruhara M.C. and Kayitana R. C. (2017).Mind-set and Entrepreneurial Activities in Rwanda : A Firm Level Investigation. In Almas Heshmati (Ed.), Rwanda Handbook of Economic and Social Policy. Volume I. Chapter 25.
Ruhara M. C and U. Kioko (2016). Effect of Health Insurance on Demand for Healthcare in Rwanda : A n Application of the Control Function Approach. Rwanda Journal Series B : Social Sciences Volume 3.
Ruhara M. C and U. Kioko (2016). Effect of Health Insurance on Demand for Healthcare in Rwanda : A Household Level Investigation. East Africa research papers in Economics and Finance. EARP-EF No. 2016:03
Ruhara M. C. and J. Mbonigaba (2016). The Role of Economic Factors in the Choice of Medical providers in Rwanda. Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies, Vol 8, No. 2, pp.65-78.
Ruhara M. C. (2004). Expected Rates of Returns to University Study for women and men in Rwanda. A case Study of the Kigali Independent University. Revue Scientifique de l’Universite Libre de Kigali, Vol 5, No. 5, pp. 8-46.


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