Dr. Yvonne UMULISA

16 Jan 2020

Dr. Yvonne UMULISA

Names : Yvonne Umulisa, PhD (Economics)


Position :  Lecturer

Phone : +250 788 821959

Email : y.umulisa1@ur.ac.rw, yumulisa2001@gmail.com


Yvonne Umulisa is a lecturer of economics at the University of Rwanda in the Department of Economics. She holds a Master’s degree in International and Development Economics from Académie Universitaire Louvain, Belgium and a PhD in Economics from Jönköping University, Sweden. Her research focuses on the economics of monetary unification in the East African region. Whereby, inspired by the theory of optimum currency areas, her research has so far focused on the economics of the East African Community Union (EAMU), to generate empirical evidence to inform key decision-makers about the future development of the EAMU. Her research has so far been published in the Journal of Economic integration and African Development Review. Most of her teaching covers Intermediate Microeconomics, Operations Research, Advanced Macroeconomics theory, Monetary Policy and Money and Banking at both undergraduate and master’s programmes.


  1. Umulisa, Y. (2016). Effects of a Common Currency on Intra-Regional Trade in Africa : 

Perspectives on the East African Community Monetary Union. In Almas Heshmati (Ed.) Economic Integration, Currency Union, and Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in East Africa (pp. 77-96). Springer International Publishing. DOI : 10.1007/978-3-319-30432-8_5

  1. Umulisa, Y., & Habimana, O. (2018). Business cycle Synchronization and Core-Periphery Patterns in the East African Community : A wavelet approach, Journal of Economic Integration, 33(4). 629-658. DOI : 10.11130/jei.2018.33.4.629


  1. Umulisa, Y. (2020). Estimation of the East African Community’s trade benefits from promoting the intra-regional trade, African Development Review, 32(1), 55-66. DOI : 10.1111/1467-8268.12414



  1. Umulisa, Y., (2020). Trade integration and Business Cycles Synchronization among East African Community Countries. submitted to the International Trade Journal.


  1. Hacker, S. and Umulisa, Y., (2021). Commonalities in the levels and movements of inflation rates among countries in the East African Community. Submitted to the Emerging Market Finance and Trade Journal. 


  1. Habimana, O., Sesay, V.A., Umulisa, Y., (2021). Business cycle synchronicity within ECOWAS : The core and the periphery. Submitted to the Journal of Economic Asymmetries.


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