Edi - Jones NKUBITO

15 Jan 2020

Edi - Jones NKUBITO

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MR. EDI-.JONES NKUBITO was Educated in North America in the functional Areas of Accountancy and Business Administration .

Professionally, he is affiliated with the National Society of Public Accountants (U.S.A) and the Institute of professional Managers and Administrators (U.K)

He is thoroughly grounded in the areas of Accountancy, Finance and Management and can provides effective management for a growing firm in needed of prudent financial leadership.

His previous responsibilities have resulted in enormous profit contributions to a variety of firms through innovative planning and cost saving techniques as well as the expansion of the market share.

He has a rich and varied business experience gained both locally, regionally and overseas.

Professionally, he has worked as a senior auditor with coopers and Lybrand chartered accountants and he has also worked as a senior accountant with the UNITED NATIONS Establishment called CIRDAFRICA in Arusha (Tanzania).

In Canada, He worked as a business consultant with Botkin and Associates, in the United States he worked as an accountant with the Accounteps Inc. and an Auditor for carry company (California). He has also taught at the University of Nairobi ; the American International University, Kenya Institute of Management, Makerere University, Uganda Institute of management, Evelyn horne college in Lusaka(Zambia), Botswana Institute of Public administration, Mount Kenya university, Kigali Institute of science and technology, and SFB (University of Rwanda).

He has done a considerable amount of research including a work book and a manual on inventory control as well as a Manuscript on executive Management development Seminars. He has written numerous articles in business, Economics and Politics and has a previously contributed articles to the Toronto star while in Canada. His current research area of investigation has to do with the made in Rwanda concept and its potential for economic emancipation for this dear country which we must protect and defend whether with the barrel of the gun or with the sword of the word.

His forth coming works include such title as “the Investor’s guide to Business opportunities in Uganda “’ which way Africa ?” Africa our land of Hope and despair”, “Africa’s prospects for Political Progress “ and “Go tell it on the mountain “ .

He has a firm of conviction that most of the economic problems tormenting Africa to day, emanate from incompetent, Ineligible and an unqualified leadership that has no basic skills in business and economics leave alone politics to deal with the complex international bullying scheme to which Africa has fallen a victim of rape.

It is this competence that has often resulted in financial maladministration of most of our governments in Africa. This malignant cancer of incompetence, negligent, barbaric, out dated and bogus Juntas in Africa is paving the way for more chaos and mass starvation on this continent with the consequences of devastating iniquities erected into a world order over the carcasses of our shattered civilizations.

It is this same old fashioned back ward leaning leadership that has natured and promoted imperialist meanders and menace in Africa. He is vehemently against imperialist encroachment in Africa as he is against black/ brutality that has characterized the contemporary African condition. Hence his Prescription ; “COMPLETE ERADICATION OF THE SO CALLED dictatorship of the illiterate renegades and their monarchies from the helm of Africans affairs at any possible cost.

He strongly believes that leadership that is motivated and well trained along matters of resource management could dramatically transform the way our resources are managed in africa and hence improve the quality of life for the ordinary Mwanachi. His ingenuity, his seriousness of purpose and political acumen are surpassed only by his burning desire to get things done and done the right way !!!


Mr Edi Jones NKUBITO has an outstanding experience in management and leadership training consultancy with many different organizations, academic institutions, and companies in Eastern and Southern Africa such as coopers and Lybrand international consultants as well as the United Nations with the main responsibility of imparting professional and management skills to various cadres of staff.

Mr Edi has worked for various employers in many different countries including Zambia, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania,Canada and USA.

Some of his consultancy projects and reports include the following ;

Developed and taught the marketing management course for the Nairobi University extra mural department
Developed and coordinated the leadership motivation and communication seminar for the Kenya Institute of Management as the key resource person.
Developed and taught the investment analysis course for the American International University - Nairobi campus
Conducted a personnel Management in-house seminar for Unga Ltd (with over 3000 employees on behalf of Prom in consultants Ltd - Nairobi Kenya
Selected by the vice chancellor for Makerere University as a committee member to look into the viability of commercializing the Various revenue generating departments of the University and to advise the vice chancellor on how the University can be financially self sustaining. This project has been 100% successful
Drafted a Management consultancy brochure for Rescon Consultants in Kampala Uganda outlining the responsibilities of the firm from a professional management perspective.
Involved in the writing up of feasibility studies for the various clients of Rescon consultants ranging from Agricultural projects to marketing ; Industrial Tourism and Air Traffic control.
Developed and taught the investment management course for the Institute of Bankers in Gaborone Botswana
Developed and conducted the marketing and customer care seminar for the Institute of Development management (Botswana campus) at the University of Botswana.
Developed the examination Data Bank for my department at BIAC with positive spin off effects for other departments as well
Recommended the creation of web sites for individual departments at BlAC (both academic as well as administration) with a view to indicating the scope and depth of responsibilities for each of those departments and the individuals running them.
Supervised Projects for the Citizen Empowerment Development Agency in Botswana
Affiliated With logos Botswana on a Consultancy capacity as an External advisor on project management.
Acquired associate membership with "Know How" management in Botswana with responsibilities for management training and development.
He has also worked on other international consultancies in collaboration with international consultancy firms in various countries in the SADDAC region and beyond.

During the month of February 2011 he delivered 5 working days training on “Managing the Training and Development Function” to the ministry of Youth Sport and Culture Bostwana.
In September 2010, he delivered consultancy to the management Development Division (MDD) of cabinet Office Zambia aimed at rolling out reforms on Institutional Appraisal (IA) and organizational Development (OD) which included training of MDD Task Oriented Team, Permanent Secretaries and Senior Officials from the three Pilot Ministries, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Energy and Water as well as Ministry of Labour.Forty-one participants attended the first workshop at Kariba Dam from 28 September - The participant body was comprised of the MDD team and Change Agents from the target institutions. This consultancy was funded by Cooperating partners including World Bank.
During September 2010, he successfully delivered a 5 day regional open course on “Leading and Implementing Change”, in Gaborone Bostwana attended by among others senior officials from Bostwana Unified Revenue Services (BURS), Ministry of Finance Tanzania, National Assembly of Tanzania and the vocational Education Training Authority (VETA) Tanzania.
In January 2010 he delivered training in Lusaka to the Governance Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice on Public Sector Reform with participation drawn from cross Ministries and other organization that closely work with the governance Secretariat. Donor Funded.
In September 2008 he provided consultancy services to management Development Division (MDD) of Cabinet Office Lusaka, to review the government strategy, institutional appraisal (IA) Organizational Development (OD) approach for enhancing service delivery public services. Included with this project was a three days work- shop for MDD staff o Capacity Building. Financing was form the International Development Association (IDA), the Department of International Development (DFID), of the United Kingdom and form the Swedish International Development Association (SIDA) of the kingdom of Sweden. Towards the cost of implementing the public Service Management component of the Public Sevice Reform Program (PSRP).
He provide training on” Benchmarking” to 13 members of Management Development Division (MDD) Of the Office of the President Cabinet OfficeZambia at Cresta Gold View Lusaka in May 2008. Donor Funded.


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