16 Jan 2020


Job Title/Academic rank :
Assistant Lecturer
Campus :
School :
School of Economics
Phone Number :
E-mail :
Biography :
Mr. HABYARIMANA Cyprien is an Assistant Lecturer in the School of Economics, College of Business and Economics at the University of Rwanda. He earned his Bachelor of Economics, from National University of Rwanda in 2011, and a Master of Science in Economics from the same university in 2014. He has served UNILAK for 4 years. He has been more involved in lecturing, developing and reviewing academic programs and research. Before joining UNILAK, he was a secondary school teacher of economics during 3 years. His purpose is to become an increasingly qualified lecturer and professional researcher in economics and related disciplines.

Areas of research interest :

Agricultural Economics.
Development Economics
Macroeconomic analysis of the economic phenomenon ;
Monetary policy and sustainability of the economy ;
Publications :

Habyarimana, C & Maniriho, A. (2018). Effects of fertilizer use on potato production in Western Rwanda. East African Journal of Science and Technology, 8(2), 28-45. http://hdl.handle.net/2268/232358
Habyarimana, C., Maniriho, A., & Nzasingizimana, T. (2018). An Analysis of Economic, Social, and Environmental Dimensions of Sustainable Development in Rwanda. East Africa Research Papers in Economics and Finance EARP-EF No. 2018:37. Jönköping International Business School.
Habyarimana, C ; (2015). Analysis of Correlation between Consumption and Revenue in Rwandan economy, Econometric approach ; East African Journal of Science and Technology, Vol.5 issue 2, pp 88-102.
Other Activities :
Acting Coordinator of School of Economics


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