MPIRANYA Jean Marie Vianney

15 Jan 2020

MPIRANYA Jean Marie Vianney

Job Title/Academic rank :
Assistant Lecturer
School :
School of Business
Department :
Phone Number :
E-mail :
Biography :
Mr MPIRANYA Jean Marie Vianney is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Accounting, School of Business, College of Business and Economics, University of Rwanda (established in 2013 as a merger of the former National University of Rwanda and other public higher learning institutions).

He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Sciences in 2007 and an MSc in Accounting in 2013 at the former National University of Rwanda.

He served at A.P.E.D.I Marie Reine-Rwaza Secondary School as a Teacher from January 2008 to May 2008 and as a School Bursar from June 2008 to March 2009. He also served at Société Rwandaise d’Assurances (SORAS S.A) as an Accountant from March 2009 to May 2009 before joining the National University of Rwanda where he served as a Tutorial Assistant from May 2009 and as an Assistant Lecturer since November 2013.

Alternate e-mail : mpiranur@gmil.com / jmvmpiranya@ur.ac.rw

Areas of research interest :

Accounting and decision making
Investment decisions, corporate and personal finance
Pension system, accounting, finance and economics


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