15 Jan 2020


Job Title/Academic rank :
Assistant Lecturer
Campus :
School :
School of Business
Department :
Marketing and HRM
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Biography :
Jeannette as an Assistant Lecturer has a strong background in preparing and managing the university/college level business related courses such as marketing management, human resource management, corporate governance and business ethics etc. ; from preparation to delivery and this has largely involved extensive reading and practical applications working with colleagues and especially with students for more than 10 years at the University of Rwanda. As a duty to supporting students and especially in her MBA studies working with and learning from the Small and Mid-size enterprises supported by the Rwanda Private Sector federation, she worked a lot on marketing strategies and business plan management. Her work as a tutorial assistant and later as a Master candidate for business administration equipped her with theories and some practice on Monitoring, evaluation and operational research, strong Human resource management. she also has experience in training for a wide range of audiences and organising positive change aiming events. This work on different levels has given her good communication skills when faced with a diverse mixture of people, the ability to work in difficult environments or situations and the ability to listen to peoples’ needs.

Areas of research : Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship


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