Mugenzi Martin

16 Jan 2020

Mugenzi Martin

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Senior Lecturer
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School of Economics
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Dr Mugenzi Martin is a Senior Lecturer from the Department of Economics College of Business and Economics of the University of Rwanda.
He earned PhD in Economics in the Mathematical Methods Department from the faculty of Economics in The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia 1999. Hi Thesis was << Topic : Ways of sustainable development of Rwanda>> Supervised by Bagrinovsky Kiril Andreevich.

Martin served as HoD of Economics Department more than eight years in the Former National University of Rwanda. Martin was also MSc Economics program coordinator.
Martin taught different modules in MSc Economics and undergraduate like Economic stabilization, Development strategies and policies, Descriptive Statistics, Statistics for Economist, Mathematics for Economists, Econometrics, Operations Research and Human Development Economics.

He was Team Member developer of Mathematics and Statistics for Economists of The Collaborative Masters Programme in Agriculture and applied Economics(CMAAE) of African Economic Research Consortium (AERC).

Martin was Board member since 2001-2005 : Member of Board of Director of RWANDATEL S.A. and Since 2002-2014 : Member of the board of directors of the Agricultural Economics Education Board (AEEB). He is Since 2002 Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Research and Dialogue for Peace (IRDP).

Since March 2008-31 march 2009 he served Member of National Consultative Committee (NCC) on Fast Trucking East African Political Federation.

Martin attended A workshop on Advanced Econometrics in Cotonou, Benin, 7 -14 January, 2001 ; The international conference of Agricultural Economist, Durban South Africa, 16-22 August, 2003 ;A workshop on Assuring food and nutritional sustainability in Africa by 2020 : Kampala – Uganda, 1-4 April, 2004 ; First congress of African Economists on the Creation of a Single African Currency, Nairobi, Kenya2-5 March,2009 ; and COMESA early warning system, Port Louis, Mauritius18-21 May, 2009

Areas of research

Welfare Economics
Quantitative Methods
Development Economics
International Economics


Spatial price transmission analysis in beans and rice markets of Rwanda
Charles RURANGA1, Martin MUGENZI2 and Aline MUTABAZI3


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