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University of Rwanda

School of Business and Economics

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  • Accomplished management career reflects 10 years’ experience in education, college of Business and Economics.
  • Innovative in training and development professional with extensive experience in the design, delivery, evaluation, and enhancement of effective instructional programs and management of assessment models.
  • Highly articulate and effective communicator with excellent team-building and interpersonal skills ; work well with individuals at all levels. Recognized as resource person, problem solver and creative leader.
  • Impressive record of streamlining teaching, and developing and implementing Institutional solutions.


  • PhD candidate in General Management at University of Rwanda 
  • MBA in Management, Nkumba University (Uganda) October 2013. Thesis : Performance contracts and service delivery in Rwandan Local Governments.
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (Finance), former School of finance and Banking (SFB) 2010.
  • Post graduate Certificate in Education, University of Rwanda anticipated 8th November 2019



  • A candidate of Professional training in entrepreneurship, Wadhwani Global University 2019-2020.
  • Train of Trainers on Teaching Procurement, Logistics, and supply chain Management, Kuehene Foundation, 20th May-23rd May 2019
  • Train of Trainers on Teaching Microfinance, World Bank Financial Sector Development, and Regionalization Project, 27th May-1st June 2019
  • Leadership and Management Workshop, Association of African Universities, 23rd-26th April 2019 
  • Training on leading a Small Group, Christian Life Assembly, 5th-12th August, 2018.
  • Train of trainers on citizenship, and transformative education, Itorero commission, 24th-27th 2015.
  • Trauma Counselling, GBUR, 13th-17th September, 2008.


Campus coordinator Nyagatare Campus 2018 up to date

Duties and responsibilities

Coordinating and monitoring in an efficient and effective manner all programs under my supervision. 

Works with the relevant HoDs to ensure that teaching and research activities are well implemented ;

Provides monthly reports to Dean including reviewing and evaluating of education performance and progress against plans and strategies ;

 Handling all queries from students and lecturers and report/ advice the Dean for any matter concerning the school ;

Overseeing the preparation of class schedules and complying with institutional reporting requirements ;

Carrying any other duties as may be assigned by the Dean

Assistant Lecturer, University of Rwanda 2014 up to now 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Teaching different modules at Bachelor Level, especially ; Introduction to Business Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Human Resource Management, Strategy and leadership.

 Related Duties and Responsibilities

  • Facilitate learning, teaching, and assessments. 
  • Preparing and delivering regular lectures for students
  •  Conducting lecturer sessions, and seminars. 
  • Guiding class discussions, whilst encouraging students in assessing themselves and feedback amongst students.
  •  Attending departmental and faculty meetings with other staff members.
  •  Participating in course development, curriculum revision and academic planning.
  •  Conducting further research into their specific field of knowledge/interest.

Focal Person, Human Resources Management- Department-University of Rwanda Nyagatare Campus 2015-2017

  • Develop and sustain appropriate structures for management, consultation, decision-making and communication with staff and students
  • Build a strong relationship with lecturers and students for the better performance of the department.
  • Responsible for preparation of class schedules, and report to campus coordinator as per requirements.
  • Responsible for lecturers’ performance contracts, and their performance after evaluation.


  • Corporate social responsibilities among SMEs performance in Rwanda
  • The role of Human Resource capital on innovation of SMEs performance in Rwanda.


  • Assessing the role of positioning strategy on market performance of soft drink manufacturing enterprises, 4th EABEW-2019, NOBLEZ, UR/CBE-JU/JIBS
  • Does strategy matter for an enterprise market performance ? Atheoretical review of marketing strategies and industry life cycle, 4th EABEW-2019, NOBLEZ, UR/CBE-JU/JIBS


Papers and Presentations

  • Evaluation of Rwanda vision 2020 achievement published in Rwanda Handbook of Economic and Social Policy, January 2018, Volume I.
  • Performance contracts and service delivery in Rwandan local governments


Human Resources Consultant, IT training 2017

  • Trained 800 students of University of Rwanda Nyagatare Campus about Digital Skills 
  • Designed Human Resource academic curriculum for College Integrated Polytechnic (CIP) Kayonza

Human Resources, Training and Development, Recruitment,

  • Recruited staff for Nyagatare District in 2017

Computer Proficiency 

  • High level of competency in Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Power point), Scientific Package for Social Science (SPSS), MOODLE, MOOC, and LearnWISE.


  1. Dr. Gashaija Celestin, Acting Principal. College of Business, and Economics +250 788 305 615
  2. Dr. Barayandemo Jonas, Acting Dean, College of Business, and Economics

+250 785 121 249

  1. Dr. Luberwa Alex DVCF IPRC University of Rwanda, my former Programs coordinator CBE-Nyagatare campus

+250 788 301 402




I do hereby declare that all the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


Nathan Karuhanga




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