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Job Title/Academic rank :
Team Leader, UR-Sweden/Economics & Management Sub-Programme
Campus :
School :
School of Business
Department :
Human Resource Management
Office Location :
4th Floor, CBE Learning Complex
Phone Number :
(+250)788 539 312
E-mail :
Biography :
Names : RAMA RAO BOKKA, B.Com., M.Com., PhD.,

Title : Professor of Management, Department of Marketing and Human Resources Management,

School of Business

Position : Team Leader, UR-Sweden Economics and Management Sub-Programme

Chief Editor, Rwanda Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Business

Coordinator, CBE Transport and Logistics Cluster, University of Rwanda

Bio :

Prof. Rama Rao is a professor of management with 39years of experience of teaching at undergraduate and graduate level and research experience. Prof. Rama begin his career as a lecturer in 1980 and became Associate Professor in 1993. In 1994, he started MBA programme in an affiliated college in India and nourished it to development for three years. He came to Rwanda in 1999 and serving for the cause of education till date.To his credit published two books and more than 25 papers in the fields of transport, commerce and management. He had experience both in India and Rwanda in heading the Departments of Management. He was instrumental in creating a four-year undergraduate programmes in Accounting, Business Administration and Information Technology Applications in Management in the former National University of Rwanda. Gained experience in managing the distance learning programme of the MSc ICT Policy and Regulation. Prof. Rama steered the educational development as the Director of Postgraduate Studies by coordinating the introduction of 13 masters programmes in the former NUR at a time across different disciplines. He served the position of Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management for 5 years.

MBA programme was introduced in 2010 under his leadership in the former NUR. He was very instrumental in developing the cooperation between Faculty of Economics and Management (of former NUR)/ College of Business and Economics (UR) and the Jonkoping International Business School of Jonkoping university and has been serving as the Team Leader of UR-Sweden/Economics and Management Sub-Programme.

Prof. Rama is a specialist in transport, business planning, strategy and corporate governance. He has been associated with research and consultancy activities in Rwanda and abroad. Currently he is leading a research on effectiveness of corporate governance in Rwanda and editing two books for Springer. He is the Chief Editor of Rwanda Journal Series H : Economics and Management. Prof. Rama has successfully co-supervised three PhDs in India and currently he is the main supervisor for two PhD students in Rwanda and co-supervisor for a PhD student in Jonkoping International Business School, Sweden. He chaired the committee that developed a Management PhD programme with course work, which is undergoing accreditation process. Prof. Rama has successfully organized three international conferences in transport area in India and four in Rwanda. Participated in several national, regional and international conferences and presented papers.

He was an active member in poverty reduction strategy research in Rwanda (management policy and private sector development), deputy coordinator of Nile Basin Initiative’s Socio-economic Development Benefit Sharing regional cluster consisting of Rwanda, Burundi and DRC, team leader of CARTA and SPARK projects and facilitated Tourism Satellite Accounts Survey for Rwanda Development Board funded by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Currently associated with the development of DACUM based curriculum for two undergraduate programmes (transport management and logistics and supply chain management) under Priority Skills for Growth initiative of World Bank under the Ministry of Education for introduction in the University of Rwanda.

Prof. Rama is a trainer on management issues. He trained several officers in Banks, National Police and Entrepreneurs. Prof. Rama is deeply interested in quality assurance in the higher education system. He was one among the first breed of institutional and academic auditors trained by the Higher Education Council of Rwanda and has been serving in its endeavours including that of plagiarism control.

Areas of research interest :

Transport and Logistics
Corporate Governance
Mentoring young researchers and masters’ students on research

Publications :

Papers :

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o Reproduced in Raod Transport, Vol, 23, N° 271, 1984 PP. 35-41

o Reproduced in Indian Institute of Road Transport Monthly Bulletine, 1984.

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§ Business Organization and Management (in Telugu) --- Telugu Akademi, Hyderabad,1991

§ Agricultural Commodity Transportation ----Inter India Publications, New Delhi,1997

Research Reports

§ Citizen Report Card, PHRD-Grant TFO53317World Bank and Ministry of Economic Planning and Finance, OSSREA Rwanda Chapter, October,2004.(Co-researcher)

§ Turning Vision 2020 in to Reality : From Recovery to Sustainable Development, National Human Development Report, UNDP, Rwanda, 2007 (Co- author)

§ Customer satisfaction survey of Rwanda Revenue Authority, 2011-2012


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