Theogene RIZINDE

16 Jan 2020

Theogene RIZINDE

Job Title/Academic rank :
Assistant Lecturer
School :
School of Economics
Phone Number :
E-mail :
Biography :
Mr. Theogene RIZINDE is an assistant lecturer, in the College of Business and Economics, School of Economics and Governance at University of Rwanda. He earned his Bachelor of Applied Physics, from National University of Rwanda in 2009, a Masters of Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing from the University Rwanda in 2014. In addition, since October 2017 up to 2021, He is pursuing his doctoral degree of Data Science from the African Centre of Excellence based at University of Rwanda College of Business and economics.

He served three years at Gitwe Adventist College, One Year at Groupe Scolaire Sainte Bernadette de save and One year at Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology before joining the College of Business and Economics at University of Rwanda in October 2013 as a part time assistant lecturer and then as a full time assistant lecturer in October 2015.

RIZINDE is a committed assistant lecturer with over 5 years of experience at leading academic institutions, teaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds, possessing excellent administrative, verbal communication and written skills along with constructive and effective teaching methods that promote a stimulating learning environment. At the same time he is able to work in a managerial role or as part of team and having the proven ability to successfully work to tight schedules and deadlines. Currently looking for suitable academic opportunities in University of Rwanda of further education, since he is pursuing his Ph.D in Biostatistics where he is working on “Disease Classification and Prediction Using Data-Mining and Machine-Learning Methods : Case of Heart Failure Subtypes in Rwandan District Hospitals” The probable date for his graduation is 2021.

His goals for the School of Economics and Governance are increasing his knowledge of supporting students with autism, participating in leadership and community engagement competitively all over the world.

Alternate phone : (+250)722966737

Areas of research interest :

Machine learning for data science
Data mining and big data analytics
Data mining techniques inprevention and diagnosis of non communicable diseases
Innovations in data science education and training
Publications :

Theogene, R., Ferdinand,N., Leonidas B., &Josephne,U., (2018). Achieving the sustainable development goals in Rwanda : The role of administrative data inclusion. In Rwanda handbook of economic and social policy (pp. 217-238). Jönköping, Sweden : Almas Heshmati.

Josephine, M., Christine, N., & Theogene R., (2018). The contribution of institutional environment and institutional support to the growth of SMEs in Rwanda. In Rwanda handbook of economic and social policy (pp. 613-634). Jönköping, Sweden : Almas Heshmati.

Ferdinand, N. , Theogene, R. , &Mathias K., (2018). Balance of Trade – Economic growth nexus in Panel of East Africa Community countries”. Determinants of economic growth in Africa (1684_86953404_AUE_Heshmati_D).


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