16 Jan 2020


Job Title/Academic rank :
Assistant Lecturer
School :
School of Economics
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Biography :
Yvonne Umulisa is an academic staff at the University of Rwanda, College of Business and Economics, School of Economics. She earned her bachelor’s in economics from the National University of Rwanda. Before doing her masters’ studies with the specialty areas of international and development economics from “Academie Universitaire Louvain”, Belgium, she worked for four years with Partners in Health/Inshuti Mu Buzima, a Harvard-affiliated international NGO that has partnered with the GoR, to strengthen the health system and support poverty reduction initiatives in rural area since 2005. Now working in the eastern and northern provinces of Rwanda. Yvonne is currently pursuing her doctoral studies in economics at Jönköping University, International Business School, Sweden. Prior to that, she worked as development policy analyst and research expert for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning in Rwanda.

Research interest and Publications

Her current doctoral thesis entitled “Monetary integration in the East African Community : Implications of the Optimum Currency Area (OCA) theory”, aims at generating an empirical evidence to inform key decision-makers about the future development of the East African Monetary Union, which is assumed to be completed by 2024. Inspired by the OCA theory, which was pioneered by Robert Mundell in 1961 and describes the optimal characteristics for the merger of currencies or the creation of a new currency, some papers were so far produced and presented to different conferences. With one of them got published as follows :

Book Chapter :

Umulisa, Y. (2016). Effects of a Common Currency on Intra-regional Trade in Africa : Perspectives on the East African Community Monetary Union. In Economic Integration, Currency Union, and Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in East Africa (pp. 77-96). Springer, Cham.

Conference papers :

Effects of Common Currency on Intra-Regional Trade in Africa : Perspectives for the East African Community Monetary Union. Presented at the Eastern Africa Business and Economic Watch (EABEW) International Conference, Kigali, Rwanda, 5- 6, May 2015.
Capital mobility in the East African Community : Evidence from panel data analysis. Presented at the Second EABEW International Conference, Kigali, Rwanda, 20- 22, June 2016
Business cycle synchronization and core-periphery patterns in the East African Community : A wavelet approach. Presented at the third EABEW International Conference, Kigali, Rwanda, 14- 16, June 2017
Alternate email and phone : yvonne.umulisa@ju.se and +46765862363


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