UR VC urges the youth to love one another and preserve humanity

23 Jun 2021

Prof. Alexandre Lyambabaje, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Rwanda calls upon the youth to love one another and preserve humanity. This call was addressed on Wednesday at the 27th Commemoration event at UR Gikondo which started with laying of wreaths at the CBE genocide monument which is home to students and employees who lost their lives at the former Mburabuturo School of Law in 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

University of Rwanda Vice-Chancellor Prof. Alexander Lyambabaje

In his address to the participants, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Rwanda, Prof. Lyambabaje Alexandre recalled that genocide in Rwanda took place at different times since 1960 when the Tutsi families were persecuted until they were massively killed in 1994 Genocide. “Tutsi families were evicted, expelled, many of them imprisoned and even killed until the 1994 genocide that marked the mass killings”, said Lyambabaje. He invites the youth to do research on the history of the genocide in Rwanda to reveal the truth about it and ensure that what happened in 1994 never happens again.

Prof. Lyambabaje also asked lecturers to explain to the youth how genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda was planned and implemented and to the researchers he encouraged them to extend Genocide Studies to a big number of people other than those doing Masters in Genocide Studies.

The CNLG Representative, Faustin Mafeza researcher and expert in Genocide history talked about some of the strategies to defeat Genocide deniers by teaching the history of genocide, doing research on Genocide against the Tutsi, sensitizing the youth to counter the deniers of Genocide through social media platforms, preserving genocide monuments and participating in Commemoration activities among others.
The Commemoration activities were also extended to Nyamata in Bugesera on Friday whereby UR students and staff paid tribute to the remains of Rwandans who lost their lives in 1994 Genocide in Nyamata. Thereafter they visited the 1994 Genocide survivors in Kayumba Village.
At each period of Commemoration, UR provides support to survivors of 1994 Genocide in all its campus location. At Gikondo the support was intended to the widows’ victims of 1994 genocide and it includes renovation of houses and distribution of food such as rice, beans, corn flour, cooking oil, etc...


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