COVID19 : UR Huye staff support to most affected in Huye District

27 Apr 2020

Following the COVID 19 (known as CORONA VIRUS) pandemic, many countries (including Rwanda) took lockdown measure as immediate response. The lockdown affected many sectors both public and private including transport, bar, restaurants and hotels, education and many companies have suspended their employees’ contracts. Today most of them are in shortage of food.
To support the government in finding food for these affected people, through Huye District, University of Rwanda-Huye campus staff collected money to buy food. The aid consisted of 675 kilos of corn flour, 675 of rice, 540 kilos of beans and 12 boxes of washing soaps. The total cost is around 1 300 000 millions of Rwandan francs.
According to Dr Joseph Nkurunziza Lecturer in UR Huye campus and the coordinator of the activity, as far as the lockdown is prolonged and University staff continue to work from home and receive their monthly salary , they will always think about their fellow affected Rwandans.
Among the beneficiaries , there is 38 UR students who were unable to return to their families when the lockdown measures were tightened. On the twitter account of Huye district , they appreciated this initiative of UR Huye campus staff and UR partnership in general.


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