Honorable Senator Tite Rutaremara Urges Students at Gikondo Campus to be Patriotic

The Honorable Senator Tite Rutaremara, has urged students of the University of Rwanda-Gikondo Campus ,to incorporate the spirit of patriotism into their quest for knowledge. He made the call yesterday  On Tuesday 21st November, 2017 during a public lecture on patriotism that was being broadcasted live on Radio Rwanda from 3:00 to 5:00pm.

While he was speaking to the students, Hon. Senator Rutaremara Tito emphasized the value of patriotism as a pillar to building a strong and powerful country. “A country is not valleys and rivers, it is not forests, a country is composed of its own citizens. So, to love your country is to love your neighbor and abstain yourself from any things that can harm it” he said.

Rutaremara reminded the students that to be patriotic does not necessarily getting engaged in military but can also be evidenced by the role students are playing towards making a difference in their own environment “you cannot be patriot unless you are always proud of your country and give its good image to those who are distorting the image of the country using different media channels”.

The guest also used the opportunity to advise the students to be job creators rather than being job seekers “Patriotism goes hand in hand with dignity, you must be self-reliant and find out sustainable solutions to problems you are currently facing” concluded Rutaremara.

Story by Marie Claire Isingizwe

Information Minister, Students’ Union at UR-Gikondo Campus