Students and Staff at UR Gikondo Campus attends Umuganda in the Campus

Rwanda has been characterised by many home-grown solutions aiming at socio-economic transformation of its citizens. More particularly, every last Saturday in Rwanda is reserved for community service locally known as Umuganda. On 24th February 2018 at the University of Rwanda Gikondo campus, students, staff, and people from the surrounding communities especially from Kinunga cell at Gikondo sector participated in umuganda at Gikondo Campus.Major activitie performed included grass cutting at football playground, cutting bushes in Mburabuturo forest, picking the rubbish around the campus, and cleaning paths inside the Campus.

At the end of Umuganda activity,all persons who attended Umuganda amalgamated at volleyball and basket playgrounds for public discussions on various topics. In her remarks,           Ms. Diane Nasimwe Executive Secretary of Kinunga cell, express her gratefulness to all people who attended Umuganda and urged them to keep on building their nation and safeguard security and hygiene. Too complement her, Seburikoko who is in charge of good governance at Gikondo sector, on behalf of the Executive Secretary,  reminded that the socio-economic transformation needed by the country will be achieved through close collaboration with the all its citizens.

In his remarks, Prof. Phillip Cotton, the University of Rwanda Vice Chancellor thanked a lot everybody who attended Umuganda especially people from Gikondo sector. “UR is the only University that government of Rwanda owns and thus remains its high priority as far as education is concerned”. Prof. Cotton took the opportunity to thank the Government of Rwanda for having increased living allowances given to students in higher learning institutions.

February Umuganda was conducted in a very special way that even students with disabilities participated as a sign that that disability is not inability.

Marie Claire Isingizwe

Minister of Information, Students’ Guild Council at Gikondo Campus