Student Counseling Service


The fact that students approach other students when they are experiencing difficulties and concerns is not strange. They seek out others for assistance with both personal and social problems as these are shared experientially with less social distance and less "dependence”. Hence, many personal decisions are made and problems are solved through such consultations that may involve friends or family, a colleague, a lecturer, a Nurse or a GP. However, at times it is right to seek help away from one’s familiar daily environment. The Student Counseling Service exists to meet such a need. Seeking counseling is about making a positive choice to get help by talking confidentially with a professionally trained listener who has no other role in your life.

What is counseling ?

An interpersonal interaction between the counselor and the client that enables client to deal with and make informed decision about his/her situation.

What happens in counseling ?

Counseling is a process that seeks to help you focus on and understand more clearly the issues that concern or trouble you. The counselor's role is to offer support and understanding, and to listen and respond in a non-judgmental way. S/he will respect your values, choices and lifestyle. Counseling can help you explore your feelings and discover what lies behind whatever seems troubling or confusing. Counseling can also help with making decisions, choices or changes that are right for you.

What is the mission of counseling service?

The mission of the  Counseling Service is to provide free supportive counseling to assist students in meeting their emotional, psychological and mental health needs. It supports you in facing challenging situations and in so to address personal and social issues that hinder academic performance, to enable wellness and to enhance personal development.

What problems can be helped through counseling?

As well as information about counseling, the service provide free individual or group supportive counseling to enable to grow in self awareness and to develop effective life skills. Among other problems that the service deals with include:

•    School stress and distress,
•    Academic success or failure,
•    Personal and interpersonal conflicts: (Relationship difficulties),
•    Trauma and PTSD,
•    Anxiety, worry, or sadness
•    Self-esteem and self-concept,
•    Information about health issues such as HIV/AIDS, ...

Don't wait until a problem has grown very serious, our idea is to make sure you have more coping resources than you have pain.

Making an Appointment

Appointments are usually made in person at the office throughout the opening hours; Mondays to Fridays: 7.00 AM - 5.00 PM. You can also email or call the counselor.

Office Location

The Student Counseling Service is located at the offices near the Clinic, Room No 9 next to KASNEB.

For further information and appointment, please contact:

Health and Safety Officer, UR-CBE
Mobile: +250788574904