UR-RUSIZI Campus Supports A Genocide Widow

Students and staff of Rusizi campus on April 25, 2018 conducted a community outreach in Gihundwe Sector, which includes: rehabilitation of houses and latrines, providing medical insurance also known as ‘’Mutuelle de Santé’’ and provide also food items to vulnerable people in Burunga Cell, Karorabose Village.

In collaboration with local administrative authority of the sector, UR-Rusizi campus supported the widow who lost her entire families and now stays alone in the house. The items to support the included rice, salt, sugar, soap, beans, charcoal, cooking oil, matches, some clothes and a Radio.

Speaking at the occasion, the campus representative Mr. Moise KWIZERA, public relations and community engagement officer at Rusizi campus, representing the Head of campus, reminded the importance of remembrance and the commitment of the University of Rwanda to support genocide survivors, he also urged the students to fight genocide ideology in their respective districts where they come from.

The in charge of social affairs in Gihundwe sector Mr. Michel SEBAGABO thanked the University of Rwanda for the humanitarian action in line with the government of Rwanda policy of supporting Genocide survivors. Finally, he requested the UR community to continue their support to genocide survivors in Rusizi District and insisted on visiting them because it helps them to avoid loneliness.