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Dr.Baig M.S.A is an associate professor, College of Business and Economics at the University of Rwanda. He held numerous previous administrative positions including, Head of Department of Management, MSC Accounting Programme Coordinator and focal point DLTE, UR Huye. He has served as a chair or member of numerous ad hoc, conference, curriculam development for Ph.D committees.

He holds a Ph.D degree from Andhra University, India

Alternate email: baig1952@gmail.com

He has been in this teaching profession since 1975 and involved in consultancy works.

Professor. Baig delivered a key note address on 17-04-2015 “Unleashing Oppurtunities at the Bottom of the Pyramid”  at the International Conference organized by the Department of Business Administration of Annamalai University, India

 Under his guidance one student awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) on “Effectiveness of Business Incubation as a tool to promote Entrepreneurship Development with emphasis on Technology and Business Incubation facility in Rwanda.

His research interests in the area of accounting, and impact studies. He attended number of  national and International Scientific Research Conferences and presented research papers. His research paper which was presented jointly with Nr.Mutarindwa Samuel and Dr.Nytamulinda Birasafrom was awarded the “Best Paper Presentation Award” by the International Scientific Research Committee, (Research title: Rural energy options for sustainable development: A social cost Benefit analysis 5th NUR International Scientific Research Conference, National University of Rwanda). Presented paper jointly with Jean Pierre Hitimana  entitled “the role of ICT policy for community development:case study Huye district,Rwanda at UR International Scientific Conference week 14th-16th june,2017.  In the same conference also  submitted a paper jointly with Janvier Ngabo entitled “ the contribution of corporate lease transactions to the development of SME’s in Rwanda: A case study of I&M Bank(Rwanda) Limited Lease services, at UR International Scientific Conference week 14th-16th june,2017. Presented  a   paper jointly with Dr.Rajeev Aggrwal & Dr.Mohamed Afua  on “ forstering entrepreneurship development among youth and women for job creation through industrial development:”A case study of Zanzibar Technology and Business Incubator” at the 5th annual national science ,technology and innovation conference,Dar es salaam,Tanzania on 23rd

He completed two major research projects on rural electrification and its impact on socio economic development .One granted by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi, India and the other by the Research Commission,National University of Rwanda

List of publications/book journals.

  1. M.SA, Birasa Nyamulinda, Samuel MUTARINDWA (2010) Rural Energy Options for Sustainable Development: A Social Cost-Benefit Analysis inVerdiana Grace Masanja and  Nilani L  Dasilva , African Research & Development (2014) Nordic e-publisher, January 10, 2014) ISBN 978-91-978436-4-5 pages 3-10, available on Amazon
  2. Dr.Baig MSA & Mutarindwa Samuel(2012).The role of government incentives in promoting the growth of SMEs in Rwanda; a survey of selected SMEs inPawan KChugan and Sameer S. Pingle (2012)‘Epoch strategies for marketing, family business and entrepreneurship’. (P381-397). Excel publishers, New Delhi ISBN 978-93-81361-68-9
  3. Samuel Mutarindwa&Dr Baig MSA (2012)Managerial competencies, Working Capital Management and Financial Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Rwanda: a survey of manufacturing Enterprises (SMEs) in Rwanda, in  Pawan K.Chugan and Sameer S. Pingle(2012)‘epoch strategies for marketing, family business and entrepreneurship’. (p 420-43),  Excel publishers, New Delhi ISBN 978-93-81361-68-9
  4. Dr.Rajeev Agarwal &Dr.Baig M.S.A published a research paper jointly on “Technology and business incubation a proven model to promote technology innovation and entrepreneurship in Rwanda in International Journal of Business and Public Management (ISSN:2223-6244) vol2/2:47-50
  5. Dr.BaigM.S.A, Dr. RajeevAgrawal and Dr. Mohamed Afua :Fostering entrepreneurship developmentamongyouth and women for job creation through industrial development: the case of zanzibar technology and business incubator published in Huria: Journal of the open University, Tanzania, vol24,No.2(2017)